Dr. Ari Kupietzky

Dr. Ari Kupietzky


Keynote Speaker

Visiting professor
Department of Pediatric Dentistry
Rutgers School of Dental Medicine
Newark, New Jersey, USA

Faculty member
Department of Pediatric Dentistry
The Hebrew University – Hadassah School of Dental Medicine
Jerusalem, Israel

Secretary General
International Association of Paediatric Dentistry

Dr Ari Kupietzky received his D.M.D. at the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine. He continued his studies at the medical school and earned a Master of Science degree in pharmacology and completed his Paediatric Dentistry training at the University of Medicine and Dentistry–New Jersey Dental School in Newark. During his postgraduate studies, he conducted fluoride research at Colgate Palmolive Research Laboratories and was awarded an Alpha Omega Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship twice during his studies abroad. He resides in Jerusalem with his wife and seven children.
Currently, Dr Kupietzky is performing research on the dental treatment of the very young child. He is a former member of the Advisory Council of the American Board of Paediatric Dentistry, Sedation and Hospital Section, a fellow of the American Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, and a diplomate of the American Board of Paediatric Dentistry. He also served as a member of the editorial board of Paediatric Dentistry and teaches part time at the Department of Paediatric Dentistry of the Hebrew University- Hadassah School of Dental Medicine. Dr Kupietzky is Visiting Professor at Rutgers Dental School.
Dr Kupietzky is abstract editor of Paediatric Dentistry. Dr Kupietzky is co-editor of the second edition of Behaviour Management in Dentistry for Children to be published in 2014 by Wiley. Dr Kupietzky has published over 50 scientific articles.
Dr Ari Kupietzky is in private practice in central Jerusalem. His office is designed to allow visiting children to experience a pleasant fun- filled check-up or first time dental visit. A Certified Paediatric Dental Specialist since 1995 with training in both the USA and Israel, Dr Kupietzky sees patients from all over the country.